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Curse of the Double Digits Lynn Kelley

Curse of the Double Digits

Lynn Kelley

Kindle Edition
111 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Becky is sure turning ten on the 10th day of the tenth month will be magical.The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie.Becky wants to look cute for her big day, but all her plans go wrong. Really wrong. The magic of turning ten disappears before she even has a chance to blow out her birthday candles. Things get so bad, she refuses to go to her own party.Becky wonders if the Curse of the Double Digits will jinx her forever.Here’s what readers are saying about, Curse of the Double Digits:“Laugh-out-loud-funny,” “sidesplitting fun to read,” “keeps you reading to the end,” “a fun and hilarious read,” “wonderful fast read,” “read it countless times, giggling throughout,” “fun characters,” “easy to read,” “Mishap follows mishap, resulting in a hilarious tale,” “rip-roarin fun,” “I laughed out loud starting with Chapter One,” “Why is the luck of the entire universe against her?” “Follow her antics.”A humorous middle grade book for ages 7 through 10 with short, snappy chapters. Makes a perfect birthday gift, especially for age 10, the official age of the double digits.