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The Fierce Allegiance Micheyeala Null

The Fierce Allegiance

Micheyeala Null

Published July 1st 2012
ISBN : 9781432775841
200 pages
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 About the Book 

The Deadliest Catch Knocked Mike Rabine OFF! In 2002 Mike Rabine Micheyeala Filmed a King Crab & Cod Longlining Video on the Bering Sea. The Films title The Bering Disease Rabine sent the film to a film company in Los Angeles, Rabine never heard back from them.The video was never returned and the 2nd copy was stolen out of his storage unit in Seattle. Previous Books Published by Michael Scott Rabine Micheyeala are at www.xlibris.com/micheyala.html Mike Rabine is represented by: Writers Literary Screenplay Agency, his agent: Mary Bluestone Michael Scott Rabine You Tube.com Acknowled with a cretificate of merit from John Johnson Director of the American Screen Writers Association and Melanie Rigney of Writers Digest Magazines Winter 2003 Screen Writers Screenplay Competion. Michael Scott Rabine has won numerous awards through out his writing career and during his seven year commercial fishing career. The Bering Disease is tribute to the explorer Bering Vitus. The Film the Bering Disease was filmed on 1 of the 8 boats Rabine worked on called the Baranof. The Baranof is a crabber. longliner, Their motto: Hurry up and wait! Rabines motto: The wait is over!From the baddest commercial fisherman on the planet! $29.99 Second to One, God!