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Offence for Power Stanislav Dymov

Offence for Power

Stanislav Dymov

ISBN : 9781412044066
528 pages
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 About the Book 

Could you name some nation whose officers and men, poorly armed, equipped, clad, unfed, inadequately trained and abandoned by that nations government, would fight to the last mah? But this is what Russian soldiers have always been remarkable for. Why? This is the question - how could the army of the state, having so rich natural and manpower resources, be always equipped, trained, and brought up so badly, irrespective of political system, times and social formations, being unable to conduct warfare. Why did its soldiers pay too dear a price for their victories, why did they suffer so heavily?The state and its army crushed the Third Reich and its praised Wehrmacht 60 years ago, but has been totally ruined and routed in a peacetime - the question is why? Why does the victor, humiliated and deceived once again, beg on a church porch today? Why do the vanquished live in clover? What is a real threat to peoples and the world civilization presently? Who stands behind a label the international terrorism? Who pins this label so easily to peoples and religions showing no a hint for an encroachment upon any person or state?Offence for Power by Russian writer Stanislav Dymov is an educated and simple reply to all the questions of history. This work presents my observations, conclusions, ratiocination, based on concrete historical facts, personal experience and knowledge. This is not criticism, vilification, rather this is my anguish, shame, concern over the army, the State, the people, - says the author. The state or power, according Vladimir Dals dictionary is a fortress, strength, solid liaison, reliability, rule, might, something one can hold to. Is that applicable towhat we see in the CIS countries? No, it is not. What we see misfits even criminals mentality. Did we really have the State which could be called a Power in the terms full meaning? A real, not a virtual, Power? Probably, notUnfortunately, publicism, fiction, arts are adapted to mirror the political leaderships views in many countries. Therefore many people in the world and many of our people still hold quite fantastic beliefs with regard to the USSR, Russia and other states of the CIS, particularly, in the 19th and 20th Centuries. A world outlook was formed, which modelled a complete course of history that ostensibly possesses all the outward attributes of science, but has nothing to do with the truth. This drives the author to recall Nikolai Karamzins everlasting sentence that history is not a novel, and the world is not a garden, in which everything must be pleasant. History describes the world as it is. The author followed these postulates in his absorbing book, telling the harsh truth about an institute of the state, thereby telling about the state and peoples, living there, the truth about the USSR (CIS). Neither in czarist days, nor under communistic regime happy peoples have never lived under prosperity in the country with a strong and efficient army, especially while the state and the society are being totally degraded presently. It is our people who are guilty of what befell us. No need to search for any Russian mystique You will find only total laziness, drunkenness, envy, unconcern, stealing. There have never lived talented, honest people, loving the labour in this country. You will discover centuries of ignorance, dirt in head and in life. No men around forcenturies. The peoples inhabiting Russian empire, then the USSR, then the CIS, were deceived by the official propaganda for centuries, though lies, phariseeism, deception have become habitual and inherent in the nation.All the history is remarkable for authoritys disrespect for and animosity to this people, who, in turn, dislike and disrespect authorities sometimes with the real hatred. Why? Where are the sources of this ignorance, this barbarity and savagery? Who is guilty of century troubles of these peoples? Who is a real danger to nations of the world and what is to be done, is there a way out of it? Yes And the author shows it.