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Marine Field Course Guide Stephen J. Hawkins

Marine Field Course Guide

Stephen J. Hawkins

Published May 19th 1999
ISBN : 9780907151586
112 pages
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Are you a disenchanted Christian? A seeker? Spiritually curious? Mystically oriented? For all of his adult life, William Bezanson would give a Yes! answer to the above questions. At first a closet seeker, he was afraid to share with his fellow Church members the news of what his intuition was telling him: that conventional religion was off-target in explaining the Cosmos. He then embarked on a thirty-year examination of the fundamentals of the Churchs teachings and assembled, through researching and writing this book, a thorough critique and rewording of the Nicene Creed, the central statement of belief for the Church. His membership in a Rosicrucian order- his understanding of the Jungian world view- and his inner drive led him finally to the conviction that spirituality is more important than religion. I Believe presents the result of years of pondering, meditation, and spiritual exercises by the author, with the hope that his conclusions may be helpful in your own quest and for the spiritual evolution of humanity. Here is an opportunity to learn something of a fascinating blend of Christianity, mysticism, and spirituality- to examine your own disenchantment with orthodoxy- and to dig deeper in your spiritual explorations.