Pork meat that is not worth it to eat often, especially wiepszowe fried meat is very unhealthy.  Pork meat itself contains a relatively large amount of fat and hence cholesterol, which in excess in the body may lead to atherosclerosis and obesity.  Pork has good taste and is cheaper than beef because Poland is so popular, of course, fried hurt us the most. 
The best solution is steaming and that as long as possible, because the fat under high temperature will wytapiał and will go to our body. 

Pork has a high calorific value and thus energetic, so people who are sedentary work should not eat pork in the form of fried.  The most valuable of pork is complete protein, so cook meat on hand will be melting the unwanted fat and it will remain the best.

Niepołomice 2014, Piotr Eliasz