Beef is a very nutritious meat to cooked by steaming is easy to digest and weight loss.  Beef tenderloin, roast beef is the most valuable part because they contain the least fat but also neck or other parts of the beef is tasty and low-calorie.  Beef is a rich source of protein and minerals such as phosphorus and iron, is very rich in vitamin B12 and B1 and B6.  Beef in conjunction with vegetables is a very tasty meal rich in vitamins and minerals.  Best beef is with an adult, but young cattle.  Beef must be first called maturation process beef that was tasty soft and juicy.  To ripen best beef marinate it in oil, olive oil soak in milk or bejcując in vinegar.  Beef also tastes good marinated in beer or wine with herbs such as rosemary, juniper fruit, bay leaf.  For marinating can also add vegetables such as onions or garlic, beef is best to waste a minimum of 24 hours then go taste the marinade and become juicy and soft.  Also, be sure not to add salt to the beef before heat treatment and during, as will become hard.

Niepołomice 2014, Piotr Eliasz