Piotr Eliasz

Welcome to the website dedicated to steaming. First I want to apologize for my english is not perfect. After the success of my part of the steaming, I decided to make a website in English. My name is Peter, steamed cook a couple of years now, the art comes to me pretty good so I set up a web page about steaming.

Steaming is the healthiest heat treatment as compared to traditional cooking or frying. In both cases, whether it's cooking or frying in the water, leaches vitamins and minerals, or introduce unnecessary fat. While steaming does not introduce unnecessary fat and flushes do not vitamins and minerals.

When cooking on a pair gain many benefits, firstly because we care about the figure does not introduce extra calories. Another benefit is the savings on medication especially during autumn and winter when the flu are higher. The benefits will be felt people who have problems with overweight, sedentary, have problems with the digestive system and in particular the liver, intestines, stomach, pancreas and other organs responsible for digestion. Not to mention the benefits for people who have problems with the heart and the circulatory system, the most important advantage is, of course, decrease bad cholesterol. And finally, the advantage of energy savings, we cook everything at one time which reduces energy bills and gas. On the site you will find a number of provisions which are probably unknown, but they have been modified so that they are suitable for cooking in steamer. Apart from the provisions on the website includes tips, encyclopedia of vegetables, BMI calculator, or the principle of steaming. So far the site is translated into English, because of the time it will be more and more dishes steaming.

Enjoy your meal by making a post by the author of Cooking


Niepołomice 2014, Piotr Eliasz